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vEchoInsights is an IIOT-based Smart Platform which allows the development of monitoring systems in a variety of context where can be retrived from machines,flow-meters,stock systems,etc.It then performs calculations and displays data in real time,which enables staff & management to monitor the effeciency of various process & make adjustments to maximize their performance.

What is vEchoInsights?

vEchoInsights delivers technology to enable the digital transformation of the discrete, hybrid, and process industries by automating and digitising their key “shop-floor processes for improved efficiency & productivity”.

Digital Transformation is playing an important role in helping organizations to stay ahead of their competition. For Manufacturing industries Smart Manufacturing, Connected Machines are some of the important focus areas under Industry 4.0 initiatives. But most companies find it challenging as the Machine manufacturing industry still lacks a connectivity standard accepted by all. vInnovate with its solution partners plays an important role in helping companies overcome this shop floor connectivity challenges and helps bring shop floor data to corporate boardrooms.

Powered by our vSmart IIoT Dashboard, vEchoInsights helps organizations collect data from shopfloor and present it to different user groups (Operations Team, Management Teams) as per their needs. This data can also be integrated to ERP system to minimise data entry efforts on shopfloor.

vEchoInsights platform works across different hardware platforms, which helps users to access it from their workstation, Mobile devices, Shopfloor Displays etc. This solution is cloud ready and supports Azure as well as AWS cloud.

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What are the Changes Driving the Emergence of IIoT?

As we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution, as with earlier transitions, businesses which fail to move with the times will be consigned to the history books, whilst their more enlightened competitors forge ahead. And of those, ones which embrace the new opportunities and adapt their working practices will prosper the most by virtue of reduced costs, improved product quality, efficient use of materials and resources, increased job satisfaction, global penetration and improved customer service.

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Why IIoT is So Critical to Every Product-Oriented Business

EFFICIENCY is the key word in any production process. Whether it’s efficient machines, efficient processes, efficient energy usage, efficient quality control, efficient management, efficient …. EVERYTHING!.

Our IIoT Platform, vEchoInsights, was created to enable any production-oriented business to have an affordable system which monitors the key critical factors in their production equation and provide instant, real-time feedback of performance against target. This enables staff to be aware of their individual performance, and supervisors to see the consolidated picture for their area of responsibility, and managers for the organization as a whole.

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vEchoInsights Use Case - OEE in Manufacturing

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) is the gold standard for measuring manufacturing productivity. Simply put, it identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive.

In the language of OEE that means 100% Quality (only Good Parts), 100% Performance (as fast as possible), and 100% Availability (no Stop Time).

vEchoInsights Use Case - Energy & Utilities

Monitoring energy generation facilities can help optimize production, increasing revenue, reducing costs and minimizing the risk of service disruption. Sensors can monitor power distribution, such as utility poles, to detect damage and identify the need for preventative maintenance via the vEchoInsights Smart Dashboard.

Connected domestic meters enable utilities to automatically collect customer usage data for billing purposes, and activate and deactivate services. Connected meters also can serve as sensors, detecting power outages, water leaks, equipment failures and other problems which will be reflected in real-time on their vEchoInsights Smart Dashboard.

More recently, several energy companies are increasingly leveraging IIoT solutions to analyze data from wind turbines, optimize turbine performance, minimise maintenance costs and increase energy output.

In summary, vEchoInsights enables the Energy and Utilities sector to optimize energy production, distribution and consumption, by monitoring and reporting on parameters including; Temperature, Gas, Electricity, Water, Pressure, etc.

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