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Quote Management, Product Development & Tracking System

Quote Management, Product Development & Tracking System

A SaaS / Marketplace platform for Product Lifecycle Management. The Solution allows all the Stakeholders to participate in the product development activities like Quote Enquiry, Product Development & Tracking. Implemented for Rubber Manufacturing Industry - www.polymerchains.com

  • This project is designed for Inhouse & for linking external reliable stakeholders for a common project with efficient tracking of the project once initiated.
  • The portal can be accessed by the The End User (Client) – Vendors – Administrator.
  • The Client places their Project Requirement & selects the team of Stakeholders through this portal for product development.

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  • Cloud-based service platform dedicated to help Industry & its players to develop the product with an Optimal utilization of available resources & at an affordable cost.
  • Streamline quote generation.
  • Gain efficiency in your sales operations.
  • Consolidate client and product information.
  • Derive actionable insights with accurate reports.
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  • Customer places the enquiry for the Project.
  • The Project details reviewed & approved by the Administrator.
  • Every stake holder in the system gets the enquiry notification so they can provide their feedback & quote which could be viewed by the Client & Administrator Only.
  • The Team will be selected by the Client with the help of the administrator.
  • The project will commence with the selected team and the client can track the status for each project development activity in the system.
Benefits vInnovate Technologies


  • Multiple actor login - Client, Vendor, Administrator with fine-grained access control.
  • Enquiry for quotation workflow with notification to multiple vendors.
  • Ability for the client to choose the best team for the product development from the quotation received.
  • Client can track the product development status of each vendor in the life cycle.
  • Administrative control to manage, maintain, monitor the marketplace and resolve conflicts.
  • Vendor profile feature allows Client to take well informed decision while selecting the team for the project.
  • Multiple iterations of the workflow supported if the product development does not meet the expectations.
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