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vDataSecAudit: GDPR Compliance Audit Software

What is Data Protection and Why it is required?

We, @vInnovate Technologies, had collaborated with an European Auditing Consulting firm (specialized in EU GDPR) to develop a self-servicing Solution that will help your Organisation and its Consultants to carry out compliance audit, assessment and implementation services of your Clients in meeting their regulatory compliance requirements, such as EU GDPR. Same solution can be used to audit clients for Singapore’s PDPA, Australia’s Privacy Act, Brazil’s LDPD, California’s CCPA, etc.. It can be used for any kind of client auditing, assessment and reporting.

Move your business from manual to digital, improve efficiency, preserve audit reports in electronic format and avoid human errors by generating the report automatically.

Software can be used for providing compliance audit, assessment and implementation services to organizations in meeting their regulatory compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, EI3PA, NERC-CIP, NFA, FINRA and GDPR.

Software can run on your own machine or can be accessed via the internet as a Software-As-A-Service model.

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Key features

  • Client Onboarding and profiling.
  • Client’s step-by-step assessment of each section of the questionnaires by Consultant.
  • Auto generation of the draft report for Consultant review.
  • Auto generation of the report for Client submission.
  • Historical view of client’s assessment and reports.
  • Consultants can start audit only after receiving security code from the Supervisor.
  • Risk Action Management for tracking the actions to mitigate the risk associated with the compliance to the law.
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Our Clients

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vInnovate collaborated with Digitech Confidential (GDPR Compliance Consulting Company) to create Data Protection Audit Software to serve its global clients. Solution can be used by the consultants of any organization to assess its clients compliance to GDPR and auto generates the report with recommendations as per the act. Auto generated reports can serve as a base reference for Consultant to compile the final report for its clients. Out of the box readymade Solution has 2 parts - Audit Software + Compiled GDPR Questionnaire + Initial Training on how to use and perform assessment. We are looking to partner with Consulting firms who want to use our Solution and our partner’s domain expertise to set up their digital eAudit Platform.

For GDPR Consulting ,visit www.digitechconfidential.com
contact: info@digitechconfidential.com

For Technology and Solutions
contact: contact@vInnovatetechnologies.com

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  • Change the way you do business - Audit to eAudit.
  • Organized, enables collaboration, improves productivity and reduces cost of doing business.
  • Auto generation of reports reduces time & human error, improves quality and consistency in reporting.
  • Digitization helps in data security, data backup and data analytics
  • Audit Solution can be deployed in SaaS model where all the agents of the Consulting firm have access to the same tools for client auditing, reporting and tracking of risks.
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WorkFlow For Consultant

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