Optimizing Preoperative Assessments for Surgery Success.


Pre-Operative Assessment System

Anesthesiology plays a crucial role in modern medicine, making surgery safe, feasible, and possible.

Preoperative evaluation and preparation are critical. They involve documenting conditions requiring surgery, assessing overall health, identifying latent

complications, and developing suitable care strategies. This holistic approach reduces risks and enhances patient satisfaction.



An integrated system created to streamline preoperative assessments in hospitals. Its purpose is to manage patient and nurse inputs before surgery, analyze and predict various factors (such as status, actions, outcomes, and suitability for operations), and facilitate communication between nurses, preoperative team doctors, and patients. Administrators have the ability to manage hospital and nurse logins, while nurses can handle patient logins, input data, and generate summary reports analyzing risks. Additionally, the system provides access to medication bills and offers advice on precautions related to medicines.



  • User-definable coding systems
  • Multiple Actors login with fine-grained access control. - Patient, Nurse, Administrator;
  • Customisable user Dashboard for Administrator
  • Nurse Logins for Individual Patient Management and Pre-Op Inputs
  • Intelligent Health Questionnaire for Patients with added option for Comments in each Section
  • Quick form filling assistance through presets.
  • Generative Risk Analysis Reports depending on Patient Inputs - ASA, Stopbang, Epworth, PONV, SORT Scoring
  • p-Possum Score with Physiology, Operative Severity, Morbidity and Mortality Values
  • Communication Channel between Patient and Specialist
  • Medication Input and Analysis before Surgery.
  • Fail Safe Mechanism for Important Question
  • To prevent loss of data auto capturing and backup available in case of network loss during form fillings.
  • Status Monitoring for Patients in each Stage
  • Scheduled Actions/Todo Depending on Specialist Input and Analysis
  • Dynamic and Customized Summary Report Generation based on Patient and Doctor response.

Key Features of PORAN

The Patient’s Perspective

The Nurse’s Perspective

Provides facilities for Nurses and other authorized medical staff to access patient records to review, amend and flag key stages in the process.
Key Features of PORAN
Key Features of PORAN
Key Features of PORAN

Summary of Benefits

Patient Benefits:
  • More convenient and supported way to provide essential information
  • Immediate access to background and supportive information to allay fears
  • Mush reduced time in providing the information and avoiding repetitive questions at each appointment
  • Increased overall patient satisfaction and confidence in the medical services provided.
Clinical and Hospital Benefits:
  • Increased efficiency and productivity. Information provided can be checked for consistency and completeness, and additional material added if required by nursing and clinical staff
  • Better decision-making:Built-in communication between Nurse, Doctor and Patient avoids time-consuming additional work and ensures the all messages are integrated into the overall patient’s record.

In Conclusion

PORAN offers a targeted solution to a time-consuming and often frustrating necessary preparation for surgery. It ensures a smooth and stress-free process for patients, and confidence on the part of medical staff that the information upon which they make potentially life-threatening decisions is complete and accurate.

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