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What is law firm management?

Law firm management encompasses everything needed to manage the business side of your law firm. This includes marketing, client relations, finances (including partner compensation structures, payroll, budgeting, collections, and trust accounts), hiring, staff management, and law firm management (including policies and procedures, working with vendors, and more).

Amidst rapidly changing legal landscape and technological advancements. Effective law office management is an evolving challenge. Management of Procedures, Workflow, Staff was an undeniable issue faced by Law Firm Companies. With personalized software managing all aspects of the legal landscape is nothing other than a dream come true. This dream was collectively seen by leading Law offices & Attorneys in NewYork specializing in their respective domain and area to improvise daily tasks by leveraging technology to their advantage.

Law firms, along with other high-level professions, build their reputations, amongst other things, upon:

  • Successful outcomes
  • Exceptional client service
  • Effective management
  • Innovation and technology
  • Financial stability and growth
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In a modern practice, that means the installation and maintenance of a comprehensive yet easy-to-use EMS (Electronic Management System). vInnovate Technologies has developed just such a system in partnership with a leading US Law Firm, Shapiro & Associates.

Software was developed as an integrated system to manage Matters, Insurers, Company Representatives, Attorneys, Arbitrator, Claim Representative, Referring Doctor. Additional Functionality for Payments and Escrow Ledgers with Custom Payment Reports for each Client

  • User-definable coding systems
  • Multiple Actors login with fine-grained access control - Administrator, Supervisor, Staff
  • Customisable user Dashboard
  • Automatic Case Tracking - Efficiently manage cases, including individual Clients, Matters and Teams
  • A Integrated Billing - Track time, create invoices, and automate the billing process
  • Easy to Use Interface - Simplify usability for lawyers who want to get things done without extensive software training
  • Remote Access Capabilities: Cloud-based software allows access from anywhere and at any time.
  • A Time Monitoring and Reporting: Keep track of billable hours, deadlines, and work progress.
  • Generate reports for informed decision-making and resource allocation.
  • Advanced Contact Management: Efficiently manage client information, contacts, and communication history.
  • Team Collaboration Tools: Foster collaboration among attorneys, paralegals, and support staff.
  • Share documents, assign tasks, and enhance teamwork.
  • Generate Customized Documents for different workflows across Matter Life cycle.
  • QR Code Mapping of different generated documents.
  • Calendar to Track : Appointments, Deadlines and Scheduling new Events and Task
  • Matter can be assigned to Virtual Desks of Saff or Packeted for collective actions.
  • System Logs for Administrator providing detailed list of Actions in Software
  • Enhanced User Experience resulting in Greater Efficiency
  • Historical records as digitized can be easily and quickly accessed.

In addition to these features, law firm management software offers benefits such as messaging, client management, work schedules, reporting, document storage, and sharing. Third Party Integration - DocuSign, Outlook, Uber, USPS

Customer vInnovate Technologies
Customer vInnovate Technologies
Customer vInnovate Technologies
As with all aspects of the system, the workflow process is flexible and configurable to meet the needs of different situations. However, a typical process might include:-
  • Administrator sets up users with access privileges
  • Administrator onboards various Insurers, Firm, Claim Rep, Attorney, Arbitrator
  • Administrator creates different Document Templates, Status and Fee Types
  • System receives enquiries from Clients which triggers the creation of ‘Matters’
  • Task and Events are scheduled on the basis of Matter/Case Type
  • Matter is tracked till Claim amount is settled or received.
  • Clients can review case details and progress along with matter settlement amount and judgment issued by court.
  • Secure system design ensures that for each client’s matter, confidentiality is maintained
  • Flexibility and customisability ensure that the process fits each situation whilst conforming to legal and logistical standards and protocols
  • Full integration means that information is entered only once
  • Automated routines for response checking and report generation mean that errors and omissions are minimised,
  • Ongoing support ensures that our system is always fully optimized, and your staff are confident in its use
  • Comprehensive Installation, training and support package

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