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What is LMS?

LMS stands for Learning Management System.

  • Learning: because we employ it to give training courses, programs, mentorship sessions, and many evaluations
  • Management: because it helps us to keep all our notes, videos, eLearning content in an organized way.
  • System: because it's software and fully remote and you can assess it from anywhere and everywhere.

In simple terms, A learning management system (LMS) is a software solution used by businesses and educational institutions to organize and offer learning opportunities. The greatest learning management systems, like the numerous pieces of software we all use every day, such as Google Docs for content creation or QuickBooks for accounting, can assist drive an organization's training programs by simplifying these two important functions:

  • A server that enables Learning & development professionals to accomplish the following fundamental functions: the design, administration, and delivery of courses and other eLearning material, as well as a data repository for vital information about a learner's journey and performance.
  • A user interface used by administrators, educators, and students. This interface functions within a browser or app and is, presumably, easily accessible.


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